Since love goes through the stomach, most visitors have no choice but to lose their hearts to the city every time they visit Vienna – and to put on a few pounds or two. There is hardly any other European metropolis where you can eat as well as here. Reason enough to dedicate a culinary ABC to Vienna and to present the highlights of the city in detail in their own posts. To get you in the mood, here are two of my favourite places where I like to get the necessary basic food: bread and wine.


In Edelmoser you can experience a piece of real Heurigen tradition. Quietly situated on the southern foothills of the Viennese Forest, the wine tavern on the estate is a lively place. Veltliner, Riesling or Zweigelt – the good wine from the current vintage is also sold outside the house. And in bottles designed exclusively by Viennese artists.



The Joseph – Brot vom Pheinsten is a bakery that seriously competes with its German colleagues with its assortment. Here you have 144 hours time from the opening of the flour sack to the sale of the fresh hand baked loaf. No wonder that the unusual bread types such as lavender honey or fresh flake spelt with grape juice taste so delicious. The best baker in Vienna!


Let usĀ  know which Viennese location you would like to see in the culinary ABC!

Photo: Joseph bread; Edelmoser

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