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BOX IN A SUITCASE by Bottega Berlin is a  Blog for culture, travel and lifestyle in Europe. We from BOTTEGA BERLIN PRODUCTIONS are regularly out and about in the continent’s most important cities, focusing on art, film and literature, interior design, fashion and food trends, interviewing creative minds and exceptional artists who live in or visit Europe. We would like to share all the treasures of Europe that we discover  with all those who like to travel as much as we do.

The blog’s underlying drive is an attempt to go beyond current political developments and debates. Box in a suitcase wants to take a look at our continent’s cultural diversity by directing our gaze to transnational and international projects and flaunting all the cultural treasures that can be discovered in Europe.

The title Box in a Suitcase is inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s famous artwork, created between 1935 and 41, of which he produced only a few copies, the first for Peggy Guggenheim. The small cardboard box, today of considerable value, includes miniature replicas, photographs and color reproductions of Duchamp’s works and gives an overview of the versatile artist’s oeuvre. Duchamp’s Box in a Suitcase can be seen at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

The name carries the same idea that Duchamp had: to use the box as a showcase for the results and variety of one’s work; in this case, we feature information about places of interest, inspiring encounters, good restaurants, great art and other cultural gems. The many posts in our Box in a suitcase are culture and lifestyle en miniature, for everyone who loves being on the road as much as we do. All the topics we present on this blog are curated and all words and pictures, if not otherwise indicated, are created by BOTTEGA BERLIN PRODUCTIONS.


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