Events: Artist Talk with Marina Abramović, hosted by Fondation Beyeler


Presented at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery during Frieze Week, Marina Abramović will discuss her pioneering performance art with Hans Ulrich Obrist,  Artistic Director of the Serpentine Galleries, on Wednesday 4 October. Since the beginning of her career in Belgrade in the early 1970s, Abramović has been a pioneer of performance art, creating some of the form’s most important early works. Perhaps more than any other artist, Abramović’s work has laid bare the human body’s complexities, limitations, strengths and vulnerabilities. This Artist Talks event will offer insight into the artist’s creative process and body of  work …

A unique opportunity

Marina Abramović offers a unique opportunity for audiences around the world to hear first-hand about the artist’s  exploration of her own physical and mental limits in her quest for emotional and spiritual transformation. Audiences online will be encouraged to participate with questions in the comments section of the Facebook Live.

Fittingly, the event marks three years since both the Fondation Beyeler and the Serpentine Galleries last worked with the artist. While the Serpentine presented Abramović’s durational performance work 512 Hours in the summer of 2014, Fondation Beyeler welcomed Abramović as the curator of The Artist is an Explorer, which saw nine young performance artists from seven countries showcase their work over the course of one day in September 2014.

A first-hand experience

Artist Talks gives audiences internationally a first-hand experience of major contemporary artists and their creative processes. The programme was launched in May 2017 with Tino Sehgal at Fondation Beyeler in Riehen-Basel, Switzerland, and continued with Wolfgang Tillmans for the second event in the series, also at Fondation Beyeler.

Tino Seghal. Copyright: Azad Reza

Both Sehgal and Tillmans currently have major exhibitions at the museum. Wolfgang Tillmans is  represented in the UBS Art Collection, which encompasses 30,000 works, through the celebrated Freischwimmer series. The third event with Marina Abramovic takes place in London .

Sam Keller. Foto: Matthias Willi



Sam Keller, Director of Fondation Beyeler said: “Marina Abramović is an extraordinary artist and a performance art pioneer of legendary status, she is also an exceptional and charismatic speaker. To see  her live is truly a unique experience.” And I agree!

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